Writer's Beware: A List of Publishers With Questionable Practices

An author friend listed a book publisher who was taking submissions. In this age of slow economic times many of the leads to publishers have fallen through because they are either not taking submissions or have closed their doors. I was delighted to find one actually looking for books to publish.

I filled out the short query form online. I wondered about that since most pubs want a query letter, table of contents, and one to three chapters of the book before they make a decision as to slush pile or possibility pile. AFTER I filled out and submitted the info, admittedly having stars in my eyes with dreams of having a possible publisher for my non-fiction children’s book, I checked Preditors and Editors website. Next to the pub’s name in red letters was “strongly not recommended.” Yikes. I also found an entry in the Writer’s Beware site giving the publisher “two thumbs down.” Oh yes, I will do some more fact-finding before crossing them off the list. But FYI, always check Preditors and Editors and Writers Beware so that if you choose a questionable publisher, you can go into a deal with your eyes wide open.

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  1. Good job on your blog.


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