Writing is a LOT More Than Telling a Story

I thought when writing a story I would write the best one ever and sell it to a publisher. Umm…it doesn’t work that way.

Writing the first draft is difficult, but fun. Seeing the story take place on the page and emptying your heart out is satisfying. But you are not finished..not by a long shot. You must add flesh to the skeleton of the story. More details about each character, more information about the setting, description. And oh no, sometimes the paragraphs that you so lovingly wrote, just have to be cut. You have to be ruthless. Keep the story tight. Keep the characters in, well, character. Check that there is no head hopping, in other words, the Point of View has to be told through one character or the reader gets really, really confused.

Then after revising the second time, you will need to revise again, and then again, and again until you are satisfied. Let a fresh pair of eyes read to catch spelling errors, awkward sentences, typos, etc.

Then you have to write an attention-getting query to a publlisher or agent, not just one, but perhaps 70 times 7 of them AFTER researching each pub or agent to see what they are looking for. Study the guidelines thoroughly. You don’t want to send a sweet little romance to a publisher looking for erotica.

The wait begins, so don’t just stop writing. Start a new project to keep your mind off the waiting.

Then, if you do sell your story, the hard work of marketing and promotion begin. Oh no, you cannot sit on your hands and think you will be dragging in the money from all those sales. You have to stir up the buzz on the Internet, author talks, and signings.

I hope I have given you some helpful information and you have been warned that writing is a LOT more than telling a story if you want to be published. So go ahead and write, but that is not the end of it.

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