2010 Muse Online Registration Open Now

Founder of the Muse Online Writers Conference, Lea Schizas, says “Well, it’s time now to begin promoting next year’s conference. I’d like to please ask everyone to promote and tell your writing pals to register early because August 1st is the deadline to register. This year I had tons of latecomers and it bogged me down with work at the last minute driving me batty. I’m BALD!!!

Next year’s conference will be held October 11 – 17, 2010. Only those who register and follow my INDIVIDUAL EMAIL request will get updates throughout the year about upcoming new workshops and pitch sessions I’ll be hosting in 2010 before the 2010 Conference.”

To register click here

I recommend this conference for new or experienced writers.  If you have a complete ms, you can pitch it to many publishers who chat with you online in the chatrooms at specified times.  I did pitch my book for girls and the editor asked for three chapters, bio, and synopsis.  Woo Hoo….Now cross your fingers that she likes the writing and the profiles.

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