Choosing a New Printer

We had to buy a new printer today. It seems our Brother printer’s black ink cartridge wouldn’t work in it anymore. It is not good to leave a printer idle for six months. Leaving it–an All-in-One Printer 665–in April, then returning in October is not a good idea. We have learned. But we thought hauling it back to Michigan in our truck for 22 hours didn’t seem like a very good choice either. This new printer, an HP 6500, is probably going to be our constant companion from now on.

No, I haven’t had a chance to hook it up and see how it performs, but I will tackle that job when I am bright eyed and bushy tailed in the morning.

Having a home office is wonderful. But when a machine breaks down, the Internet access fails, coffee is spilled on the desk and all the papers, and there is no room to put anything away, I often wonder if it is worth it. When everything works though, it is fantastic.

Wishing you good luck with your home office experience. Don’t let any of those Halloween tricksters sneak in there!!

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