Writing is the Foundation

WritingWatching Sandra Bullock talk about her new movie, The Blind Side, it dawned on me how important writing is.  Oprah interviewed her and praised Bullock’s acting in a scene that could have come off as “sappy and sentimental.”  Bullock simply accepted the praise, but she also said, “It was the writing.”

That was a light bulb moment for me.  Oh yes, I see writers given awards at the Academy Awards and Emmys, etc. but there isn’t much hoop-la when they reach the stage.  And yet, think about the result of this writer putting pen to paper (or sitting at the keyboard).  Without his/her creative talent of conjuring up the characters or researching the project, there would be no film, play, news, books, or entertainment.

Look at the web.  It is information driven.  Without writers, there would be no websites.  No how-to articles, news stories, or even retailers with advertising copy.

But the idea of no writers is especially brought home when I think of all the children’s books available. Holding your child or grandchild in your lap, snuggled close to you, and reading aloud the pages of a colorful picture book brings giggles and wonder to this child.  These are very special moments together.

Be proud to be a writer.  You give the world a gift with your talent.  Keep on writing!

2 responses to this post.

  1. Well writ, Janet. We power the world with our words.


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