Journaling–Is it for You?



We are close to the beginning of a New Year…2010…which always brings on the decision of whether to make a New Year’s resolution(s).  Personally, I don’t make resolutions as I know I won’t keep them and then I hate the guilt trip after breaking one.  But this year, I am planning on renewing my committment to writing daily or weekly in my journal.  This is a practice I have done since sixth grade recording all the angst of adolescense and continued through college years, then infrequently after marriage and family. Life kind of gets in the way.  Too bad.

Have you thought about journaling?  Oh, woe is me, you think.  I am trying to finish my novel, article, blog, and now you want me to add writing in a journal?  Well, yes, because when you record your thoughts and feelings and events in your journal, you are actually planning your next story or novel because the pages of the journal will be fodder for all your writing.

Below is a post from the blog contributed by Susan Wittig Albert, the author of Writing from Life: Telling Your Soul’s Life Story, one of the books I use in the How to Begin Writing Your Llife Story workshop.  She has journaled all her life.

If you don’t have a journal, now is the time to start one, in preparation for the memoir you’ll write three or thirteen or thirty years from now. Write every day, or as often as you can, about the life you’re learning with. Write with the full awareness that you are documenting your life. Write down all the details of people, events, activities, results, feelings, so that later–when you want or need to recall what happened, these will be available to you. Don’t avoid the hard stuff, for that’s the very material of memoir: what’s challenging or frightening or anxiety-provoking, as well as what’s fun, interesting, enlightening, expanding. And do get into the habit of reviewing your journal on a regular basis. I review mine once a year, on my birthday. It’s my way of rewarding myself for living my life–even the hard parts–as fully and completely as I can. 
Click here to read the entire guest blog by Susan Albert Wittig.
I have resolved to begin journaling anew for 2010.  No, I am not going to make it a chore or have a guilt-trip if I miss a day.  But I am going to try to do it, just do it, again.

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