New Year's Goals

new year resolutionsSetting New Year goals instead of making vague resolutions can kick start your writing process this new year 2010.  Before establishing a goal, a writer needs to evaluate where she has been.  What have you done this past year that enhanced your writing or hurt your writing?  Are there projects you want to continue to work on or has the sizzle left you bereft of ideas and energy?  Decide what you want to keep from your previous year’s work, then begin drafting your goals for this new year to include the old projects and add new ideas.

According to Audrey Shaffer of the Writers Chatroom, “Goals are exciting and motivating all by themselves. They are targets that draw you and inspire you. State what you want, and by when, in specific terms.”  Read Audrey’s complete notes and feedback at the Writers Chatroom forum.

Another tool for helping you to state your goals in black and white and keep a record of your progress is the Bylines Calendar.  This handy little book includes inspiring, funny stories from working writers like you and me.  It also has lots of extras.  Check it out.

I wish you a fantastic, productive, story/article writing, publishing experience in this New Year 2010.

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