Free Books–Yeah, Really

stack of booksFree books.  I know this is a writer’s site, but if you are going to be a writer, you really need to read.  You need to read books in your genre and books not in your genre.  You need to study how a writer puts her story together, how she develops her characters, how she builds her world, how she describes events, places, people….you know all that stuff that goes together to make good storytelling.  You also need to read good writing and bad writing through the eyes of a reader.   Trust me you will be able to discern the good from the bad, then employ the good stuff in your writing.

Twilight Times Books has a page with freebies…free e-books…that you can download in an instant.  Different publishers list their free items, not just TT.  So you can get a sample of what a publisher likes as well as a free read.  Don’t you love free???  This may spark you to finally write that query or book proposal for a publisher you find on this list or purchase more books from a publisher after reading their titles.

Please share with us if you know another site for freebies.  Thank you.  Enjoy your books!

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