Writing Projects at the Publisher

I try to be upbeat about my writing projects, but I am disappointed and befuddled at my latest experiences. My March 4 blog questions if a publisher is in business. I made another attempt to connect with this publisher after finding another email address to use, but once again, all email addresses come back as not deliverable.

I have a book at a publisher who asked for a full ms in October. I heard from her in November that it was under consideration. I emailed last week wanting to know where it was in the decision process. No answer. I certainly don’t want to send it out to another pub if my ms is still being considered. Remember all those warnings to make sure you don’t send out simultaneous submissions unless you include that info in your cover letter?

I have sent my ms to pubs who require exclusives, but I will do that no longer.

I understand why writers are turning to self-publishing where the writer is in control of the project. I truly would like to have a partnership with an editor at a publishing house who will help guide me and improve my writings. I want to deliver the best book I can to my readers.

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