Do You Want to Write for a Newspaper?

If you are near Santa Rosa, New Mexico and want an opportunity to write for a newspaper, the owner/editor/publisher is looking for you.

Out of work after the Rocky Mountain News closed down their newspaper operation, M. E. Sprengelmeyer spent his savings on a dream. He purchased a weekly newspaper, The Guadaloupe County Communicator. He has plenty of writing experience as a journalist covering big stories in Washington and the Iraqi war. Now he and two other people are operating this journalistic endeavor to grow this seed of a paper into a force in the community and region.

In an email Sprengelmeyer explained, “What we’re really doing is trying to prove to people that newspapers are alive and well — or could be if people invested more, and not less, in what they give the readers.”

It is an exhausting existence, but M.E. (Michael) is continuing this drive to excellence. You can join him. It would be a fantastic learning experience getting in from the ground up.

Hmmmm…maybe I should move to New Mexico?

Read this article about M. E. Sprengelmeyer for more information.

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