Movie Julie and Julia is About the Writing Life

We rented the movie, Julie and Julia, to pass a rainy afternoon/evening today not realizing that the topic wasn’t about cooking, but instead the writing life and well, life in general. Julia Child was a famous cook on tv before there ever was a Food Network. She wrote the cookbook, Mastering the Art of French Cooking, back in the ’50’s published by Knopf, still in print and selling.  

Julie is Julie Powell, a frustrated writer, who loves cooking. She decides to blog about her goal to prepare all 524 recipes in Julia’s book in 365 days. The stories parallel with Julia Child working on her cook book and trying to find a publisher and Julie preparing the recipes and then blogging about the results, as well as letting readers in on her life. (I loved the comparisons of writing a book in the ’50’s to blogging in the 21st century–typewriter vs laptop, those dreadful sheets put between paper to make a copy as you type on the typewriter vs copy machines, sending off the manuscript in a huge box through the mail vs. emailing files to the publisher) Ah, the good ole days.

The women’s lives were similar in many ways even though separated by 40 years of time. They both went through the trials and tribulations of  the writing life.  Julia with her cookbook and Julie with her blog.

The movie was cleverly presented allowing smooth transitions from one woman’s story to the other. I giggled at the simple sight gags. Meryl Streep’s acting was right on and made me believe she truly was Julia, not Meryl. It was fun to watch and a great reminder that the more things change, the more they stay the same. (I know that is another cliche, but really people how can you say it any better than that?)

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