Traditional Publishers Getting Cozy with Self-publishers

According to an article in Publishers Weekly by Marcia Nelson, Author Solutions, a company made up of well-known self-publishing service providers–AuthorHouse, iUniverse, Trafford Publishing, Wordclay and Xlibris–is now establishing self-publishing associations with traditional publishers such as Hay House, Nelson, and evangelical Christian publisher, B&H. The plan is that the traditional publisher will monitor the self-published titles to glean books to add to their own lists.

Indications are that only self-pubbed titles selling 5000 or more could be considered for purchase by the traditional means. In self-pubbing circles, most books sell 300 copies.

This cozying up with the self-publishing services is a new way of thinking in the publishing world. Instead of looking down their noses at those who want to do all the work of publishing their fiction or non-fiction entries, the publishers are discovering that there really are worthwhile books written by authors who can not only write, but can offer different voices to topics that many traditionalists overlook. This opens up a whole new audience for purchasing books.

There are few and far between self-published books that are snapped up by a large publishing company, but with this new addition of self-publishing arms in the traditional field, there may be more opportunity to win a contract, if desired, with a traditional company.

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