Funds for Writers Contest

I sent my entry in for the Funds for Writers contest this year…and just made it by deadline yesterday at midnight. whew…I paid the entry fee too. Hope Clark sponsors this contest every year and graciously offers prizes for no fee and $5. fee contests. She understands that some writers do not believe in paying, so the choice is up to the individual. I paid the $5. because Hope offers so much great information including articles and markets all year round. Her newsletter is a reliable resource with Hope’s main goal to help writers.

I am not much of a contest enterer (hmm…is that a word?), but Hope is a firm believer in contests as a way to earn credits and recognition. There are other reasons to enter too.  Contests have a deadline to meet. This maxiumum 750 word essay helps a writer be concise and get the point made within the word count. It’s a great exercise to pull a writer away from the usual projects and think out of his/her familiar box of writing. Sometimes it is easier to write a 50000 word fiction novel than to pen a short essay!

Whether I win or lose, I feel satisfied that I accomplished the writing and made my point. Now on to the next project.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Janet,

    Thanks for the mention! We had a record 350 entries in the contest. Deadline was midnight last night. One quarter of the entries arrived yesterday, can you believe it? Good luck in the competition.



  2. You’re welcome. Thanks for visiting. Record breaking 350 entries. You better get busy reading!! With all the creative writers, I’m sure that each one will have a different angle on the topic. Should be interesting. Enjoy!


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