How Do You Write the Ending of the Story?

Writers always work hard to make the first sentence in a story pop to hook the reader. Do you put as much thought into writing the ending of your story? Afterall, the ending is a reward to the reader for finishing the book and it should tie up all the loose ends of the sub-plots and main plots in a satisfactory way. When the reader closes the book, she should be happy she spent the time in those pages with your characters and story.

Published author Marsha A. Moore posted a very informative blog about writing the ending. Please check out these important points to ponder as you begin writing the end.

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  1. Posted by tzopilotl on March 12, 2011 at 3:39 pm

    …write it first,
    then you can write the beginning at the end,
    unfortunately the middle, as the dieter said,
    will always be the middle.


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