Free Teleseminar on Getting Your Book Reviewed

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Book reviews…Who needs ’em? If you are an author of a traditionally pubbed or self-pubbed book, print book or e-book, then you need reviews. Reviews are helpful marketing tools. I don’t know if readers actually base their decision to buy a book on one review, but I know I like to read them to help me make the choice. I am more likely to buy a book with a good review of course than one with a low star rating.

I recently learned that reviewers are more interested in newly released books than in ones that have been available for more than three months. And not all reviewers will consider e-books or self-pubbed books.

If you want to learn more about getting your book reviewed, sign up for the Getting Your Book Reviewed Teleseminar on Thursday, Sept 8 at 8 pm by The Savvy Marketer, Dana Lynn Smith. The seminar is hosted by Terry Whalin well-respected author and editor who shares great information for aspiring writers and published authors at his blog, The Writing Life blog. You can also download several freebies and sign up for the free Savvy Marketer Newsletter.


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