The Blank Page

Some days when I sit down to the computer, pull up MS Word, and see that blank page, I am overwhelmed. My mind is as blank as the page. So I click on  Chrome and check out my Facebook page, check and write emails, throw in a load of laundry, sit back down at the desk.  I open up the blank page again. You would think with all the time I spent away from the page, my mind would have figured out something clever or inspirational to write. But most often, that is not the case.

Finally I begin adding words to the page because as Audrey Shaffer of the Writers Chatroom said, “Bad writing can be cleaned up and turned into good writing. A blank page can’t be edited into anything usable.”

I think we are all guilty of thinking the first thing we put on the page has to be excellent, has to be perfect, has to flow. Realistically we know, it can’t be. We know we will actually have to WORK at making the piece perfect through re-writing and re-vising.

The important thing is to get something down so you CAN work on it to make it better.

Best-selling Nora Roberts is attributed for this great advice–“You can’t fix a blank page.” Every writer should have that saying hanging above his/her desk.

Get started now!

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  1. Another succinct piece of writerly advice I came across recently is this: It’s OK to write a bad novel. Get it written – then revise/rewrite


  2. Posted by Darlene DeWitte-Bassett on September 29, 2011 at 5:34 pm

    NO truer words have been spoken.
    Darlene DeWitte-Bassett


  3. […] The Blank Page ( […]


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