Just Write

In February I will be presenting a creative writing workshop through our local public school’s continuing education program. I think this poster will be a great visual for the participants to keep in mind.

We all get overwrought worrying about what we’re going to write. Staring at a blank page is a bit intimidating. I will help lift the pressure off the workshop attendees by telling them no one will be reading their writing. We will just practice writing with the freedom of knowing we don’t ever have to show it to anyone. Just write.

Remember the days when writing was so much fun? Creating dragons, flying through the puffy clouds, and making up all kinds of fantasy worlds on paper. Go back to the joy of spewing out all those marvelous ideas.  Have fun with it and just write for yourself.

Just write…

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  1. Hey Janet,
    Great post! I DO remember those days indeed. I still experience that every once in a while and that’s the reason I write. I just wish trying to MARKET what I write gave me the same feeling…
    Kudos on the poster and on the workshop. I hope it’s as fun for the attendees as it sounds like it will be for you. (I’m pretty sure it will be.)
    I’m going to reblog this post on my blog because I think it deserves to be seen by anyone who happens to chance upon my blog too.
    Once again, thanks.

    Roger Engle – Author of The Lost Flip Flop http://www.amazon.de/dp/B0071I3JN4


  2. Reblogged this on misadventuresinlamosquitia and commented:
    Well said Janet! We should all remember to “Keep calm and write something”


    • Thanks, Roger. Hey, you even mentioned the name of your book and the link!! You are a fast learner!! I’m going now to find it.


      • Thanks Janet. I try to be a quick learner. To partially quote George Clooney in my favorite of his movie roles (Ulysses Everett McGill in Oh Brother Where Art Thou?) “You see, in the mart of competitive commerce…” Well, I’m not sure the humor in that was worth the time it took to explain it, but I find that it pays to learn quick. Maybe not in dollars, but in time saved to do other things or learn other things. I’ve got the list you gave me and I’m going to be working on the best way to implement everything I can. I hope you like my short story, The Lost Flip Flop.

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