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Mystery Writers Assistant

I have discovered a fantastic book to assist mystery writers when stumped on police procedure and investigation. I write mysteries–(Mystery/horror novella, Sunshine Boulevard, Muse It Up Publishing, release March 2011)–but I must admit I do not come from a police or investigative background. I make up the story and then check with those who know about police procedure to add the polishing touches to scenes and action.

Muse It Up Publishing

This week I checked out Police Procedure and Investigation: A Guide for Writers by Lee Lofland. Lofland is a former police detective and he spills the beans on everything from equipment used by police and detectives to procedures for investigating a crime scene. Arrest and search procedures, homicide, murder, and manslaughter, fingerprinting, autopsy (yep, I about lost my cookies reading this chapter), drugs and drug trafficking,  prisons and jails are just some of the information packed chapters in the book.  Lofland’s actual experiences are narrated in the sections called In the Line of Duty.  In the chapter on Arrest and Search Procedures, Lofland finds himself facing a “Mountain Man” who is crazy wild in a bar. I can tell you that Lofland successfully tames this wild man and arrests him.

If you are a mystery writer or want to be, this book is a fantastic resource to get you started. It may even spark a few ideas for story lines.

Police Procedure and Investigation: A Guide for Writers by Lee Lofland–Writer’s Digest Books, 2007