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A Night with Author Anne Lamott

I was so excited and thrilled to get a ticket to hear Anne Lamott, a national celebrity author,  speak in our little county in West Michigan. The small rural town of Grant built a magnificent Performing Arts Center that seats over a 1000 people. Miss Lamott spoke in this cavernous hall, just her standing behind a “pulpit” talking to about 800 eager listeners.

I watched her slump on stage, not exactly full of energy and spunk as I had imagined her. She sighed a few times into the microphone as she pulled off her backpack, found her papers, and laid them on the podium. She then explained that she had to get up at 3:30 a.m. in California to make it to this speaking engagement. I thought, oh yeah, but look at other entertainers/speakers who run on adrenalin all the time. They always act perky and happy. She looked exhausted and all of her 56 years.

Then a funny thing happened….she became energized as she spoke. The more she talked about her own quirks and oddities, the funnier she got and the more I got into her stories. She has certainly had life experiences that I know nothing about with alcohol and drugs. She has searched for faith in her life and is now a born again Christian with a deep spiritual life.

She is in love with her 9 month old grandson and has throughout her books talked about Sam, her 21 year old son. All that love poured forth and surrounded us as we listened. She painted word pictures of places she has been so vividly with a litany of description and excitement. Lamott also flirted with politics saying it like she feels it. It evoked laughter from this very conservative area.

 Her newest book, Imperfect Birds,  deals with the drugs used by addicted teenagers–prescription drugs that are accessed from parent’s cabinets. When the kids leave for college, they are on their own to use the drugs, so they sub cheap heroine for the script drugs. The drugs of today are so much more potent and powerful than those of the ’60’s that teens become addicted on the first try.

By the end of the evening, I appreciated this woman who can make fun of herself, but actually make fun of all of us. Her stories are our stories in the universal sense. Maybe we have not dealt with drug addiction, but we have all dealt with some addiction or big problems in our lives. Now we can take a look at ourselves from the inside out, thanks to Anne Lamott.