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Visit Me at Karen Cote’s Creative Website

I am a guest as J Q Rose on Karen’s Chaise Lounge today and all week. This amazing host is an author at Muse It Up Publishing who generously shares the spotlight by featuring Muse It Up authors. The clever idea is to animate an avatar who speaks about the author’s book. The avatar is supposed to be the author…but well, lots younger, hipper, and attractive…of course we are all that anyway, but she just exaggerates a bit? LOL

Please stop in and see this miracle Karen pulls off every week for the Musers and for your enjoyment. I hope you will get a giggle out of it.

Sunshine Boulevard now available at Muse It Up Publishing,, and online booksellers.

Authors Conference FREE


Exciting news! A first of its kind–a free conference at the Muse It Up Publishing blog  presented by authors at Muse It Up. The topics are aimed at making you a better writer offering information on character development, researching, social media, critiques and more. Each day a different workshop is offered, so yes! 30 different ways to help you in your writing journey.

Sign up to be eligible to win free books when you participate and discounts for readers.

Every day at noon..99 cent books–yes! full priced books on sale for one day only for 99 cents!!

I will be presenting a workshop on June 9 on Writing Memoirs. I hope you will be able to join me anytime that day. Looking forward to seeing you in June.

How to Autograph an E-book

How can the author of an e-book autograph the book? This question has stumped me. My e-book, Sunshine Boulevard, was released on March 1 and I have already had requests for signings. I have to explain that the book is out in cyberspace and I have no way of signing it. Until now…

According to the Bay News 9 reporter, a local FL author and inventor T.J. Waters and his friend developed Autography, a software package that will offer a place for the author’s signature in the e-book.

“Basically, what you do is pull up a copy of your book as the author, and it inserts a blank page behind the cover and you sign whatever you’re going to personalize for somebody,” Waters said.

The plus side of this is the author can be sitting anywhere in the world and can sign a book and it will be delivered to the reader as an autographed copy. The one drawback is the author needs to have an iPad to use the software.

For more on this amazing idea author, check out Local Inventors Create a Way to Sign an E-book .


Sunshine Boulevard Available Today!

Today is the day to celebrate!

Sound the trumpets! Sunshine Boulevard marches onto the world-wide stage of e-books today! Muse It Up Publishing releases this mystery/horror with humor e-book March 1, 2011, along with a great line-up of books full of interesting stories sure to intrigue and tantalize all readers.

I want to thank so many people who have helped me along this journey to reach the title of “published author.” From my grandmother, Ma, to my sister-in-law, Sandy, who encouraged me to write as far back as when I was in high school. After selling our retail floral and greenhouse business, I screwed up my courage to ask our regional newspaper editor, Rich, if he would be interested in some ideas I had for articles for the paper.  When I turned in my first one, he actually ran it in the paper with my byline. Thanks, Rich, and the staff at the Times-Indicator
Through the years editors, my writing group who meets at the library, and writers online such as Audrey Shaffer and the gang at The Writers Chatroom and Lea Schizas’ free Muse Online Writers Conference have provided valuable information and encouragement. The welcoming, warm authors and editors at Muse It Up Publishing have shepherded me through the process of editing and answered so many questions from this newbie novelist with patience and humor. I am blessed to have my daughters and husband walking this new path with me. Thank you Sara, Lee Ann, and Ted.
It is my pleasure and great honor to offer you, my readers, this entertaining, quick read for you to enjoy. Thank you!
Sunshine Boulevard is available at Muse It Up Publishing bookstore,,, and e-book retailers online.

What Makes a Great Publishing House?

How do you know what publishing house you should submit your work to? You have worked diligently to submit your best story you can write, so you need a publisher who cares about the author and is enthusiastic about the book business. You want someone who is experienced and connected to a publishing network.  You need a cheerleader on your side with editors who will gently shepherd your manuscript into a book with easy-to-read sentences/paragraphs, distinct point of view, correct grammar, and no spelling errors.

That sounds like a lot of points to check out before submitting, doesn’t it?  How do you, the author, find out about a publisher? If you find a book you like to read that is the same genre you write, try to contact the author and ask what her experience was with that publisher.  Talk to authors and  join forums such as the Writers Chatroom to see what the buzz is about a particular publisher. Preditors and Editors is a site with information on publishers.

Go to the publisher’s webpage and see the tone of the site. Cordial, friendly, or snarky and demanding? As a writer you will be able to get the feel of this publisher by checking through the site. Look at the cover art and decide if you would like your book cover to appear in their bookstore.

I believe publisher, editor, author Lea Schizas of Muse It Up Publishing sums up what a publishing house needs for a winning combination:

  •  a good writer’s voice/storyteller
  • an editor to partner with the writer
  • a cover artist who understands each book
  • readers who share in our glee and cheer us on

All the best wishes for success in submitting to a publisher. Oh yes, it’s a process with many rejections, re-writes, and lots of hope. Keep at it. Don’t give up.

I have been happy with the publishing process at Muse It Up. My mystery/horror ebook, Sunshine Boulevard, will be released March 1.

Why Use a Pen Name?

The fifty cent word for pen name is pseudonym. According to a pseudonym is defined as a” fictitious name used by an author to conceal his or her identity; pen name.” So why would anyone NOT want to use her real name as the author? 

I used a pen name for the upcoming  mystery novel to be released in March 2011. I didn’t think much about using a pen name until I actually signed a contract. As an ebook, I will need to have a presence online to promote it, but my website and writings have all been under my name, Janet Glaser. To promote this book under my pen name, I will have to start from scratch building a readership through this fictitious name. If, for publicity purposes, I do connect my name to the pen name, then what is the point of even having one?

My main reason is to separate this fictional world of writing from my articles and non-fiction works. (I don’t know that an editor would like me to write articles for a children’s magazine and then discover that same writer’s name is associated with a mystery/horror story!!) I also believe that I can assure my privacy with a pen name. I don’t believe there will be a slasher at my door who takes exception with this mystery, but the fictional name allows an extra layer of security.

Now I need to figure out how to promote my pen name. Anyone have some great suggestions?? Thanks for your help!

Signed a Contract for my book!

Good news! I signed a contract for my mystery/horror novella, Sunshine Boulevard, with Muse It Up Publishing! The ebook is tentatively set for release in March 2011. I am doing a happy dance.

As you may recall in a post on May 5 entitled Rejected Again, I complained about publishers leaving a writer hanging by not responding to the submission.  I emailed my full ms to Lea Schizas of Muse It Up Publishing. She told me she would notify me within two weeks of a decision. Well within that alotted time frame, she emailed me. She wrote, “The editorial department came back with an assessment. We loved your writer’s voice.” She went on to say the contract and other paperwork was attached….I stopped reading and started again from the top. I read it all again to believe that I actually had a contract for this crazy book! I can’t stop dancing!

Muse It Up Publishing is  a small and upcoming royalty paying independent e-publisher. The official opening is in December 2010. But don’t wait to look them up because they are on the web now with submission information, authors, and book titles. It is an exciting time for everyone at M I U Pub. I am sure readers are in for a feast for the eyes and mind and heart with the talented authors already contracted and diverse genres.

Check out the authors page. My pen name is J Q Rose. I’ll keep you updated on this new adventure. Okay I’ll stop dancing now..for awhile.