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Publisher Out of Business?

I have spent two years writing a small novella. I began the book as a project for National Novel Writing Month. Nano challenges a writer to produce a 50,000 word novel in the month of November. I didn’t make it to 50,000 because I told the story in about 25,000 words and I just didn’t feel it is fair to a reader to pad the books with 25,000 words of nonsense just to make the number. For the past couple of years I have occasionally taken out the book which languishes in a Word file in my laptop and revised the story.

It is a fun story to write and one genre that I never write in–horror. But since horror stories are so popular, I thought I’d give it a go. I had a riot with it..the plot, the setting, the characters all fell into place. I shared it with my writers group last summer, and we cackled over the possibilities of situations in the story.

I decided to look for a home for the ms.. a publisher. So I sent the ms to my First Readers for feedback and suggestions. After receiving excellent ideas for improvement and encouragement when they said they couldn’t put it down, I worked more hours on editing and revising.

I found a pub who wants novellas. Believe me, most pubs are not requesting novellas or short stories. They seem to prefer 60,000 words and no way was this gal gonna add that many words to this book.

So I queried a pub and the editor immediately emailed me back asking for the ms, cover letter, and marketing plan. I emailed the documents back in less than two weeks from her contact. Lo and behold, the offices are closed, but will re-open in February. Hello? This is March.

I checked the website and it was a blank page…not that it didn’t exist anymore. Today I checked and the page is up, but with a note they are having problems with their site.

Sooooooo—-now what? I guess I’ll give them a couple of weeks and then email to see if they are still in business. I know that there are more possible publishers out there, but I really like this one, so I hope they are doing fine and will be in touch with me very soon. Oh, and yeah, I hope they like the story so they will publishe it!

Ah, the life of a writer…….