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FREE Writing Books for Your Kindle

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FREE Recipe Collection Promotion

Authors are always trying to think of a way to promote their books. In my book, Sunshine Boulevard, I included the fact that my main character, Gloria Hart, was not much of a baker, but she could develop tasty recipes withveggies from the garden her husband, Jim, grows in their back yard. I asked my Muse It Up Publishing editor, Karen McGrath, if it would be okay to add that so I could use the recipes from my Garden for Eatin’ gardening blog in a collection as a free gift to promote both the book and blog. She loved the idea…that meant she HAD to keep that info in the story!( Karen is a great editor and worked with me on any changes in the story.)

As I put the recipes together I thought how blessed we are in this country to have food available and the resources to grow it in our own backyards. This led me to the Foods Resource Bank, an organization who is funded by businesses, churches, individuals, and  local farmers. They produce crops to sell in order to donate the monies to  develop local resources that support sustainable food production for the best agricultural practices in underdeveloped countries. Farmers are taught the skills to grow food for their families and eventually to expand farms to produce food to sell for income.

I decided to include a link in the book for people to donate to this great organization

to help stamp out world hunger.


Today, my character, Gloria Hart, introduces Gloria Hart’s The Garden for Eatin’ Recipe Collection on Ginger Simpson’s Dishin’ It Out blog. Check it out.

If you are interested in receiving this collection whether you are a gardener or not, please email me at and I will send you the e-book collection of recipes as a  gift of appreciation as a reader of this blog.

Free E-book for Writers

Yes, tis the season for gift giving.  Lea Schizas, award winning author, writes an inspiring and humorous ebook for writers and is giving it to you for FREE!  Now, don’t sign up for it if you have a weak heart or you already know everything you need to know about writing.  But if you want return to why you are a writer or you need some kick butt advice, then download or read it on the full screen.  It’s a fun quick read that could make a difference in how you view your writing  journey.  Enjoy.