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Writers Workshops Continue

The Muse Blog Conference is winding down as the month of June is flying by. So many great workshops! A different one everyday. Today is How to Write a Mystery by Heather Haven. Please check out the postings for the whole month. You don’t want to miss this opportunity. By the way Lea Schizas, publisher, assures us the blogs will not be taken down, but archived for future reference.

My Turn Today to Present Workshop at Muse Blog Conference

Amazing information for writers on the Muse Blog Conference. It’s on all month AND the workshops will be up forever for you to revisit for inspiration and information. Plus it’s FREE!!

 Today is my turn to present a workshop on Writing Memoirs. I believe encouraging people to write their life stories is my mission in life. These stories are a precious gift to family and friends and to the future generations. Check out the workshop to find out how to start and ideas for where to publish your story.