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My Turn Today to Present Workshop at Muse Blog Conference

Amazing information for writers on the Muse Blog Conference. It’s on all month AND the workshops will be up forever for you to revisit for inspiration and information. Plus it’s FREE!!

 Today is my turn to present a workshop on Writing Memoirs. I believe encouraging people to write their life stories is my mission in life. These stories are a precious gift to family and friends and to the future generations. Check out the workshop to find out how to start and ideas for where to publish your story.

You Can Teach Writing

If you are a writer, you can teach a writing class. Now, don’t guffaw at that statement. Who better than a working writer to shepherd a group of folks who are hungry to set down words on the page? You remember the thrill of writing down your thoughts. Some of you may even remember the favorable response from friends and family who loved your story or article. Perhaps you are still in the glow of seeing your name on a published article or book. Don’t you want to help someone achieve their dream?

Teaching writing can be a volunteer job or a paid position. I began teaching a class on writing life stories after a writer in my writer’s group shared a diary that her great great grandfather kept in the 1800’s. This was an eye-opening experience for me. It almost became a mission for me to encourage people to write down their lives as a historical record of their times and as a gift to future generations.

In the beginning I wondered if all the studying, reading, outlining and decisions on areas to cover would be worth it. I am happy to report that I have had successful, paid for workshops since 2004. Not only have the proceeds lined my pocket with spending money…yes, it is not a huge money maker..but the responses from participants have warmed my heart as I see them leaving the class confident and ready to begin their life story and to organize it. They are inspired to write the information down for their families and finally accept that their life is worth living and sharing it with others.

Think about it. Choose your topic that you know you can teach and begin working out a workshop and a way to market it. The results for you will be satisfying and I guarantee you will learn more about your own writing through the exercises.

You are welcome to visit my website to view my page on Writing Life Stories. See? I cannot stop encouraging everyone to write their life story!