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KDP–Kindle Direct Publishing–I Tried It for Self-Publishing

Yes, I tried it. I published my short story, The Good Neighbors, on Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) using my pen name, J.Q. Rose. I am not a guru when it comes to formatting, so I was really nervous about getting it right. I learned a LOT about formatting. I think the short story, 4000 words, was a good one for the first (and last?) project because there were no chapter headings to worry about formatting or any need to add hyperlinks to them.

The most difficult problem for me was to come up with a book cover. I am not satisfied with this one…pretty amateurish, but I wanted to clue readers into the idea that it is a funny, holiday story. And hey, selling a book for 99 cents doesn’t leave any cash to pay an artist to design a book cover. Since the same characters are in this story as in my e-book, Sunshine Boulevard, I wanted to connect the two stories.  I did that by choosing a flamingo. Two flamingos are on the cover of Sunshine.


Actually the process is very simple for a short story anyway. After I pubbed it, I discovered a ridiculous, obvious error, so I re-pubbed it with no problem after fixing the error. I was also amazed the story showed up within 24 hours for sale on amazon.

The story features characters, Jim and Gloria Hart, from my mystery e-book, Sunshine Boulevard, published in March from Muse It Up Publishing. I hope to use it as a promotional tool to garner interest in Sunshine Boulevard.  I am donating the royalties from the story to local food pantries. The story is only 99 cents, so not much income for donations, but I’ll just throw the change into the pot to add to my monthly donation to our  local food pantry.

Check out my humorous story, The Good Neighbors on amazon. While you’re there, discover Sunshine Boulevard on amazon or at the Muse It Up Publishing bookstore and major online booksellers.

Let me know about your experience with self-pubbing on KDP.

Happy New Year 2012!!


Writers Workshops Continue

The Muse Blog Conference is winding down as the month of June is flying by. So many great workshops! A different one everyday. Today is How to Write a Mystery by Heather Haven. Please check out the postings for the whole month. You don’t want to miss this opportunity. By the way Lea Schizas, publisher, assures us the blogs will not be taken down, but archived for future reference.

Authors Conference FREE


Exciting news! A first of its kind–a free conference at the Muse It Up Publishing blog  presented by authors at Muse It Up. The topics are aimed at making you a better writer offering information on character development, researching, social media, critiques and more. Each day a different workshop is offered, so yes! 30 different ways to help you in your writing journey.

Sign up to be eligible to win free books when you participate and discounts for readers.

Every day at noon..99 cent books–yes! full priced books on sale for one day only for 99 cents!!

I will be presenting a workshop on June 9 on Writing Memoirs. I hope you will be able to join me anytime that day. Looking forward to seeing you in June.

Sunshine Boulevard Available Today!

Today is the day to celebrate!

Sound the trumpets! Sunshine Boulevard marches onto the world-wide stage of e-books today! Muse It Up Publishing releases this mystery/horror with humor e-book March 1, 2011, along with a great line-up of books full of interesting stories sure to intrigue and tantalize all readers.

I want to thank so many people who have helped me along this journey to reach the title of “published author.” From my grandmother, Ma, to my sister-in-law, Sandy, who encouraged me to write as far back as when I was in high school. After selling our retail floral and greenhouse business, I screwed up my courage to ask our regional newspaper editor, Rich, if he would be interested in some ideas I had for articles for the paper.  When I turned in my first one, he actually ran it in the paper with my byline. Thanks, Rich, and the staff at the Times-Indicator
Through the years editors, my writing group who meets at the library, and writers online such as Audrey Shaffer and the gang at The Writers Chatroom and Lea Schizas’ free Muse Online Writers Conference have provided valuable information and encouragement. The welcoming, warm authors and editors at Muse It Up Publishing have shepherded me through the process of editing and answered so many questions from this newbie novelist with patience and humor. I am blessed to have my daughters and husband walking this new path with me. Thank you Sara, Lee Ann, and Ted.
It is my pleasure and great honor to offer you, my readers, this entertaining, quick read for you to enjoy. Thank you!
Sunshine Boulevard is available at Muse It Up Publishing bookstore,,, and e-book retailers online.

Benefits for Being a Writer

An astonishing realization hit me this week.  I discovered that I began this writing journey secluded at my desk with my laptop. Now I am not alone at all as I prepare to send my debut novella out into the big, cold world. I received benefits from joining the writing community that I never imagined, namely the support and goodwill from so many strangers who are now friends to me.

First at the newspaper where I was given a chance to contribute “people centered” stories. I have maintained a camaraderie with that office. Through my feature articles, I met a great group of editors who supported me. Crazy enough, I still have friends from the years when I was a contributing editor for an ezine which sold out. But those writers still maintain a loop and we try and keep up with each other.

A fantastic group of fun-loving, articulate, intelligent writers make up my writers circle where we meet together at the local library. Many are now published authors, including me, mainly because of this fantastic group of people who I call “friends.”

I am now experiencing a warm new group, the Muse It Up Authors, who are so supportive of each other offering opportunities for promotion on their blogs, advice on the loop, information, and warm chocolate chip cyber cookies for all those who sign up with the Muse. They make me laugh, think, smile, and just be proud to be an author!

Thanks to all of you for making this writer feel blessed.

Great Advice for Writers from Delilah K. Stephans

Delilah Stephans, not only talented cover goddess for Muse It Up Publishing, but also author, shares her wisdom for writers in her February post, Sayings for Writers . One of her pearls of wisdom which hit home for me was the issue of too many points of view (POV) in a story. I learned about “head-hopping” when my new e-book was edited by Karen McGrath, Muse It Up Publishing. She helped me pare down the POV’s to make the mystery/light horror story easier to read and tighter.

Take time to click on the link for some interesting information for writers.

BTW my e-book, Sunshine Boulevard, will be released March 1 through Muse It Up Publishing.

Book Review: Blogging for Dummies

Book Review

Blogging for Dummies by Susannah Gardner and Shane Birley,

published by Wiley Publishing, Inc., copyright 2010

ISBN:  978-0-470-56556-8

 Blogging for Dummies is another in the series of books for dummies. The series derives their name because the books are designed to teach folks in a simple easy-to-read format about a subject. Blogging for Dummies (BFD) does that. The authors, Susannah Gardner and Shane Birley, use the dummies format to focus on tips and reminders.

I have three blogs that I post to on a regular basis. (or at least I try) Needless to say, I want to create the best content I can for my readers and make it worth their time to visit. Although I use WordPress and Blogger for my blogs, I learned a lot more about the operations and the basics of using these programs. It was an eye-opener to learn that I can actually write blogs and schedule them to appear miraculously on a date I choose. That means when I take my kids to Disney, I can write a post and schedule it to appear when I am not around to post it. Or I can write several posts, save them, and have them ready to go anytime.

Getting readers to visit is a challenge. Just think how many blogs there are in cyberspace now. The competition is fierce. The chapter on Marketing and Promoting Your Blog through RSS, Twitter, Social Networking, and reading your stats offers great advice for the blogger.

Editing photos, inserting them into the post, and adding videos are helpful additions to make a blog more interesting and appealing to the web wanderer. This and how to add graphics from other sources really add to the appearance and interest in a blog.

If you are interested in monetizing your blog, the book has suggestions, as well as ten websites the author finds “interesting and useful.”

The authors claim there are over 100 million different blogs now. I appreciate their suggestions for ones to read and how to make mine stand out from the rest.

Please visit my blogs and let me know how I’m doing!

The Garden for Eatin’ for vegetable gardening tips, book reviews, recipes–whether you are a gardener or not, beginning or experienced

J Q. Rose, Author-My pen name for my March 1 debut novella, Sunshine Boulevard, a mystery/light horror e-book from Muse It Up Publishing

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