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Favorite Internet Links for Writers

The Internet is loaded with information-packed websites for writers. Below are some of my favorites. I hope you will check these out. For more of my favorite websites, go to my Janet Q. Glaser, the Wordwright links page.

The Writers Chatroom A lively and smart group of writers meet here in the chatroom on Sunday and Wednesday nights. Helpful forum and resources too.

Funds for Writers Funds for Writers–Hope Clark is the best when it comes to finding small and large markets that will pay writers for their talent.

Write for Kids Information on writing for the children’s market

Muse Online Writers Conference This FREE conference presented in mid-October is packed with information for ALL writers. No matter what your experience or genre, you will pick up useful tips and ideas as well as network with a whole realm of writers, editors, and agents. Sign up deadline is September 1.

 Jacketflap What a great site to find out about children’s books, publishers and authors. Wonderful networking site for writers.

Preditors and Editors Loaded with information for writers, this site keeps a watchful eye on publishers and lets you know the good guys from the bad guys.

The Muse Online Writers Conference Oct. 12-18 FREE

The Muse Online Writers Conference begins October 12, a unique writers conference that you can attend sitting in your jammies, eating chocolate at your computer, and not even wash your face! Plus the time you spend at this conference is determined by you because you can join in at your convenience to read the forums and interact with the presenters.

The old saying is “you just get what you paid for it” but in this FREE conference, you get a LOT more. Not only can you network with writers, editors, publishers, self publishers, you can pick up valuable writing tips, publishing information, writing courses, and even pitch your book idea to a publisher. BTW the conference is free, but you will want to throw in a donation because it is worth it.