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The FREE Muse Online Writers Conference Deadline

The FREE Muse Online Writers Conference is a fantastic conference to attend in October 11-17. You can go in your jammies, eat chocolate at your desk, and catch up on laundry while you meet esteemed writers, publishers, workshop leaders, and writers of all genres.

You may attend the forums and interact any time of day or sign up for scheduled workshops that work into your day’s activities. The workshop  handouts are packed with information that you can save and peruse later at your leisure. (I know, what leisure???)

The Muse Online Writers Conference is FREE if you sign up before August 15. A nominal charge of $5.00 is added after August 15. (Just think, you aren’t spending any gas money to get to the workshops…) Registrations will not be accepted after September 10.

This workshop has been valuable to the development of my career. I think you will pick up a nugget or two that will help you in your writing as well as meet some wonderful, helpful, sincere folks at the conference.

Let me know if you sign up.  I will look for ya’!!!

Signed a Contract for my book!

Good news! I signed a contract for my mystery/horror novella, Sunshine Boulevard, with Muse It Up Publishing! The ebook is tentatively set for release in March 2011. I am doing a happy dance.

As you may recall in a post on May 5 entitled Rejected Again, I complained about publishers leaving a writer hanging by not responding to the submission.  I emailed my full ms to Lea Schizas of Muse It Up Publishing. She told me she would notify me within two weeks of a decision. Well within that alotted time frame, she emailed me. She wrote, “The editorial department came back with an assessment. We loved your writer’s voice.” She went on to say the contract and other paperwork was attached….I stopped reading and started again from the top. I read it all again to believe that I actually had a contract for this crazy book! I can’t stop dancing!

Muse It Up Publishing is  a small and upcoming royalty paying independent e-publisher. The official opening is in December 2010. But don’t wait to look them up because they are on the web now with submission information, authors, and book titles. It is an exciting time for everyone at M I U Pub. I am sure readers are in for a feast for the eyes and mind and heart with the talented authors already contracted and diverse genres.

Check out the authors page. My pen name is J Q Rose. I’ll keep you updated on this new adventure. Okay I’ll stop dancing now..for awhile.

Writing Projects at the Publisher

I try to be upbeat about my writing projects, but I am disappointed and befuddled at my latest experiences. My March 4 blog questions if a publisher is in business. I made another attempt to connect with this publisher after finding another email address to use, but once again, all email addresses come back as not deliverable.

I have a book at a publisher who asked for a full ms in October. I heard from her in November that it was under consideration. I emailed last week wanting to know where it was in the decision process. No answer. I certainly don’t want to send it out to another pub if my ms is still being considered. Remember all those warnings to make sure you don’t send out simultaneous submissions unless you include that info in your cover letter?

I have sent my ms to pubs who require exclusives, but I will do that no longer.

I understand why writers are turning to self-publishing where the writer is in control of the project. I truly would like to have a partnership with an editor at a publishing house who will help guide me and improve my writings. I want to deliver the best book I can to my readers.

The Future of Publishing

Check out this video on publishing. Join us at The Writer’s Chatroom tonight from 8- 11 to discuss it.

New Publisher Opening Its Doors

Muse It Up Publishing is opening its doors for business. Lea Schizas, the energetic whirlwind, is launching this new business and is looking for submissions. Click here for genres and more information.

If the dedication she has for her well-organized, award winning free online conference is any indication, I am sure she will operate this publishing company with the same degree of attention to detail and accessibility. The Muse Online Writers Conference, the brain child of Schizas and Carolyn Howard-Johnson, is a week long opportunity for writers, editors, publishers to network and learn from the numerous workshops offered on writing techniques, platform building, writing business, queries and book proposals, etc. Schizas offers this outstanding opportunity FREE–no strings attached.

If nothing else gets you to check out this new publishing company,  launching their new website in April, perhaps this quote from Schizas will peak your interest.  In an email, she said, “I promise to be a nice publisher.”

Best wishes to you, Lea and the staff at Muse It Up Publishing!