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Social Networking, Writer's Article Sites, Blogging: I'm Doing It ALL

“Get a Web Presence.” That’s what I hear from all the people in the know about marketing and promotion. “Do it before your book comes out,” they preach. “Get a following.”

So I am attempting to get a web presence. Witness this blog on wordpress attached to my very own website with my own domain name, Janet Q. Glaser, the Wordwright.  I am also hooked in to My Space, Facebook, and Twitter. I have not contributed much to the My Space blog lately…(I heard that it would be closing at the end of the year) and I closed my Twitter account. I didn’t really want to know what Ashton was doing or any other celebrities. I do dearly love Facebook. I don’t care if it helps or hurts my gathering a following. I just enjoy keeping in touch with my friends and family if only mundane things like they just finished eating a hot fudge sundae, their dog threw up, or peeking at pictures of family gatherings that I couldn’t attend. And, of course, I delight in sharing on my wall information about my life like keeping an appointment for my mammogram or putting up crazy or touching or beautiful photos that I have taken of family, friends, events, and nature.

I have written for ezines, or as they are now known, online magazines, and was accepted to write articles for Demand Studios. I have several lenses on Squidoo which is fun to do too.  For camping and traveling in Florida, Inside Florida, and camping and traveling in West Michigan.  However, I have not made much monetary gain for all the hours I put in at the computer.

Web presence? Oh yes, I’m here! Fun? Well, actually yes. However, I may be gaining more hits on sites, lenses, blogs, etc., but, so far, no book accepted for publication. And isn’t that the reason that I need to be on the web? Maybe I should take a few more hours to get that book sold……