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You Know You’re a Writer When—

I came across an article on Long Story Short, an ezine established for new and emerging writers to get their “products” out to readers. In this clever article, You Know You Are a Writer When— Janet Emo lists fifteen items that make you realize you are a writer. I am afraid number fourteen hit me right on.

Hope this delightful read will make you appreciate your writing abilities and writer mindset to inspire you to Write On! for the new year 2011.

Happy, Prosperous, Joyous, Peaceful New Year 22011!!

The FREE Muse Online Writers Conference Deadline

The FREE Muse Online Writers Conference is a fantastic conference to attend in October 11-17. You can go in your jammies, eat chocolate at your desk, and catch up on laundry while you meet esteemed writers, publishers, workshop leaders, and writers of all genres.

You may attend the forums and interact any time of day or sign up for scheduled workshops that work into your day’s activities. The workshop  handouts are packed with information that you can save and peruse later at your leisure. (I know, what leisure???)

The Muse Online Writers Conference is FREE if you sign up before August 15. A nominal charge of $5.00 is added after August 15. (Just think, you aren’t spending any gas money to get to the workshops…) Registrations will not be accepted after September 10.

This workshop has been valuable to the development of my career. I think you will pick up a nugget or two that will help you in your writing as well as meet some wonderful, helpful, sincere folks at the conference.

Let me know if you sign up.  I will look for ya’!!!

Summertime and the Writing Ain't Easy

It’s summer time and oh so hard to sit down and write at the keyboard. Do you have that problem too? If you have children at home now, your time for writing is stripped away. I know authors who write during the child’s nap time, late at night or early in the morning when it is still quiet, while waiting for the soccer practice to end, etc. They find bits and snatches of time to get a story/article all down on paper.

Add to the small space of time available for writing, the temptation of  gorgeous summer skies and gentle breezes and all of a sudden the weeks pass with nothing written. Even my blogs are begging for attention.

I hope you all are enjoying your summer and have more determination to keep writing in spite of perfect June weather, ball games, carting children around to activities, vacation time, and pure exhaustion. Do you have any tricks or tips to help us settle down to the business of writing?  Please share….. Thank you!

Favorite Internet Links for Writers

The Internet is loaded with information-packed websites for writers. Below are some of my favorites. I hope you will check these out. For more of my favorite websites, go to my Janet Q. Glaser, the Wordwright links page.

The Writers Chatroom A lively and smart group of writers meet here in the chatroom on Sunday and Wednesday nights. Helpful forum and resources too.

Funds for Writers Funds for Writers–Hope Clark is the best when it comes to finding small and large markets that will pay writers for their talent.

Write for Kids Information on writing for the children’s market

Muse Online Writers Conference This FREE conference presented in mid-October is packed with information for ALL writers. No matter what your experience or genre, you will pick up useful tips and ideas as well as network with a whole realm of writers, editors, and agents. Sign up deadline is September 1.

 Jacketflap What a great site to find out about children’s books, publishers and authors. Wonderful networking site for writers.

Preditors and Editors Loaded with information for writers, this site keeps a watchful eye on publishers and lets you know the good guys from the bad guys.

Feeling Bad

Caught a cold this week and I am feeling bad.  I took a day to feel sorry for myself (and blew up every Kleenex in the house!!).  A runny nose and fever does not inspire great writing.  Add cold medicine to this mix and my brain was addled and could not connect words to make a sentence, nor did  feel like sitting in a chair and writing or researching.  So I gave permission to sit out for the day.  I watched TV and blew my nose.  Oh joy joy joy. 

I hate wasting a day like that, but sometimes a writer has to realize there is no way she can be productive in this situation.  You can’t use a snotty nose to stop writing forever.  Today my nose is not dripping and I am not taking cold meds, so I am off again to compose words of inspiration and information to share with the world.

It All Begins with a Writer…

Avatar, the new 3-D, sci-fi/fantasy movie premiered this past weekend loaded with lots of fantastic animation and special effects, but at the heart of it is a love story.  The production is the brain child of John Cameron who worked as a high school janitor and at precision tool and die manufacturing company.  He said he was a blue collar worker.  Then he went to see Star Wars, the movie, and was blown away because what he saw on the screen was similar to the stories he could envision himself.  He knew he wanted to write themand make them into movies.  And he did!  Big time including the hit movie, Titanic. 

There would be no hit movie without that small kernel of an idea of a love story that developed into a full story.  Stories and thoughts spring from writers’ brains.  A writer is the one who gets the ball rolling on so many levels.  Advertisements, marketing, legal documents, bills in Congress (okay I won’t go there), books,  poems, instructions for setting up computer programs or operating the Wii game system.  All the technical writing and news stories have to be put down on paper.  And we do that.  Our writing touches every part of life.

At this time of the year, I think what would have happened if the writers of the Bible didn’t take time to write the stories, the lessons, the history.  The story of the love, peace, and joy brought by Baby Jesus would not reach so many people in the world.  Christmas is a worldwide event celebrated by many cultures.  These writers have played their part in touching the people of the world.

Give yourselves a gift this season, the gift of time to write.  Do it for yourself.  You can contribute to the literature in this world.  You can make a difference.

I wish you all the blessings of this holiday season.  Merry Christmas to All!! 

Free E-book for Writers

Yes, tis the season for gift giving.  Lea Schizas, award winning author, writes an inspiring and humorous ebook for writers and is giving it to you for FREE!  Now, don’t sign up for it if you have a weak heart or you already know everything you need to know about writing.  But if you want return to why you are a writer or you need some kick butt advice, then download or read it on the full screen.  It’s a fun quick read that could make a difference in how you view your writing  journey.  Enjoy.