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A Penny's Worth of Writing

How much writing would you do for a penny? Are 500 words or 5 words worth a penny? Some writers don’t think their writing is worth anything evidently because they put it out on the web when writing innumerable articles for free. I know the writer hopes someone will like their style of writing and will be hired for a bigger and better assignment, recognition, and a paycheck. I have not taken a poll or researched how effective this thinking is. Perhaps it does lead to making money in writing because there are a lot of writers doing it.

I don’t understand companies/persons who want to hire a writer and pay only pennies for doing a job for them. I am signed up with an online service who will direct projects to writers. The projects go out to over 600,000 potential writers and some projects are sent to over a million writers to bid on the job. Sometimes the employer will tell what he is willing to pay. Usually my jaw drops at the insignificant amount of money allowed. Hundreds of words for a penny it seems. I don’t know if the employer does not realize that many people on this writer’s site are actually making their living by writing. It is not a hobby for them, so it is a slap in the face to offer such piddly amounts of payment. Some employers are aware of the low offering but reconcile it by saying they have a LOT of work for the writer if they like his writing. Oh sure, but that does not mean the writer will make a LOT of money at those fees.

If you write for free or for a low fee, you must weigh the advantages of doing it against the disadvantages. Take an assignment and complete it the best you can, then step up to the next job, and up to the next job. Keep climbing higher so you can reach a better pay scale earning plenty of pennies per job, because you are worth it!

Be a Journalist


I always wanted to be journalist, so I gathered my courage and approached our regional newspaper editor. I offered to write some articles for the paper and to my delight, he agreed to give me a chance. I discovered I enjoyed writing profiles on business people, getting to know and interview people who make a difference in the community, taking in the theater productions, festivals,  and events FREE. With a little imagination I turned a school visit into a story and apple picking into an article. I now have people who I regularly report on their organization and contacts I can go to for community information.

Yesterday I attended a Remote-Controlled (RC) planes Fly-In at an area airport with my hubby and grandsons. Not only did we have a fun time,  you better believe that it is going to make a great story for the paper! Be a journalist to meet lots of interesting folks and to write worthwhile, satisfying information people want to read.