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FREE Writing Books for Your Kindle

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Autograph Your Kindle E-book

In this amazing age of technology, you can now e-sign or autograph your e-book! This digital age is just exploding with new ideas in the publishing industry. One of them is to use the Kindlegraph for actually signing a page and emailing it to your reader to add to the e-book.

No, I have no idea how it works…kind of like a car for me….I don’t care how the car works. All I need to know is to press the pedal and it goes. With the Kindlegraph you do need to be a twitter user. For more information about this, check out the Kindlegraph Demo.

Another idea is from Johnny Tangerine. Watch the video to see how to implement his idea.

Please leave a comment to let me know how you feel about e-signings. Is this a good or bad invention for authors? Why?

Creating a Book Trailer

Yes, you CAN create a book trailer, a helpful promotional tool for your print or e-book. The photos and music in the video convey the feeling of your novel. The text intrigues the viewer by telling just enough of the story to make the viewer want to know more. So you must include the BUY link at the end of the video for more information AND to close the sale. Add your author website also especially if you have more than one book available. If your book release is in the future, your link will give the information the viewer will need.

Depending on your finances and your time, you may decide to pay a professional to make your trailer or you can do it yourself.  I have done a few vidoes just for the fun of it on the MS Movie Maker that is on my laptop. So I had minimal knowledge of how to deal with putting it altogether.  I have also experimented with the movie maker on Picasa. It is a simple one to use. I have seen some fantastic trailers as a result of using Animoto. I have not tried the service, so I have no first hand info on Animoto.

To create your trailer–

1. Write the text portion using your synopsis to guide you

2. Select the photos, clip art, and graphics and place them in a file which you can easily access to pull them into the movie maker. If you select photos from the Internet, be sure they are royalty free clips. Google free clip art to find some.

3. Music is fun to choose. You can listen to so many pieces trying to find just the right combination of notes for the background sound for the  mood of your story.  No, you cannot use your favorite tune from your favorite artist. It is probably copyrighted. Incompetech has a wide variety of free music for you and organized into genre themed songs. Kevin McLeod just requests you credit him for the music.

Now it’s time for you to put on your director and producer’s caps to create the perfect book trailer to sell your book. Have fun with it!

Here is the trailer for my mystery/horror e-book, Sunshine Boulevard.

Promotion and Marketing a Book–Which One for You?

Since Muse It Up Publishing published my e-book, Sunshine Boulevard, in March this year, and even before the release date, I have furiously promoted the book and myself as J Q Rose. Or have I marketed or promoted the book? Which do you use to explain this absolutely exhausting experience after writing a book and then signing a contract?

In promotion is defined as encouraging the sale of a product by advertising or securing financial support. Marketing is defined as the total of activities involved in the transfer of goods from the producer or seller to the consumer or buyer, including advertising, shipping, storing, and selling.

I don’t know why we always say promtion and marketing when they actually mean about the same thing. Either way an author has to do most of it unless you are a big name like Stephen King and we won’t even go there for J K Rowling.  The usual methods of promotion is an author website, blog connected to website or not, blogs for your book’s characters or book cover, join yahoo groups such as coffee time romance or your genre’s groups, your publisher’s author group and readers group if available, Facebook, Twitter, My Space, Good Reads or Shelfari….  I’m exhausted just looking at all the places to connect. This list does not include advertising in online or print magazines. Some ads are within my price range. But as in most promotion, the author has no idea if all the time and money, even reaped a sale. I also did not include press releases to your local hometown paper. Of course, an author can always rely on Aunt Fanny or you mom and family and friends to advertise for you by talking up your “fantastic” book.

Book trailers are very popular and are becoming more sophisticated in their production. I actually enjoyed creating mine.  Check out the Sunshine Boulevard trailer.

I tried an “e-signing” with two local authors who had print books for sale. They sold their books, but so many people do not understand e-books or the idea of how to order one. (Oh yes, I helped a neighbor download my e-book on the Internet. When we were in the middle of the process, she told me she couldn’t wait till the book came in the mail. I was flabbergasted. She had no concept, like so many others, of this new technology.)

The visitors at the signing who said they had a Kindle, etc took my business cards and post cards from the table, but I’ll never know how many actually ordered the e-book. I did have coupons from my publisher so that if someone wanted to purchase it that minute while I sat at the table, I could take her money and give her a code to use when ordering the book online at the publisher’s bookstore.  Ummm, yes very complicated and almost impossible for folks to understand in this setting, so I quit trying to explain it, especially if they already had an online account with an e-book retailer already established.

I am very excited that I have had the opportunity to publish a book and to go through all the steps needed to write, query, get the contract, and to experience the release date. In fact through the promotion I have met so many wonderful folks by being a guest on fellow authors’ blogs and to host authors on my blog.

I write this blog post as a cautionary tale. When sitting alone writing your book, I do not think the writer realizes the amount of work left to be done once the contract is signed and the book is published. To get your work into the reader’s hands, you must promote/market it. So be prepared for that extra duty.

After all is said and done, I know such a cliche, I would do it all again. Writing, publishing and selling my book has been a learning experience and a thrill enriching another chapter in my life.

Promotion takes a LOT of time especially when the book is launched. Once caveat I have learned too late is that most reviewers want to review the new releases. Once the book is over two months old, there are not many reviewers interested in talking about the book.

In fact, since March I have let all my works in progress (WIP) slack off. I have just begun to pick up and write again on a story and do research. (BTW the next mystery involves finding the church music director dead in the basement of the church.)

Speaking of Promotion–Here’s MORE shameless promotion!!  LOL

My e-book is available at Muse It Up Publishing Bookstore



 and major online booksellers.

J Q Rose Website

J Q Rose Blog

I always keep this info handy so it is easy to find. You should too when your book launches. Best wishes on your writing journey!

FREE Recipe Collection Promotion

Authors are always trying to think of a way to promote their books. In my book, Sunshine Boulevard, I included the fact that my main character, Gloria Hart, was not much of a baker, but she could develop tasty recipes withveggies from the garden her husband, Jim, grows in their back yard. I asked my Muse It Up Publishing editor, Karen McGrath, if it would be okay to add that so I could use the recipes from my Garden for Eatin’ gardening blog in a collection as a free gift to promote both the book and blog. She loved the idea…that meant she HAD to keep that info in the story!( Karen is a great editor and worked with me on any changes in the story.)

As I put the recipes together I thought how blessed we are in this country to have food available and the resources to grow it in our own backyards. This led me to the Foods Resource Bank, an organization who is funded by businesses, churches, individuals, and  local farmers. They produce crops to sell in order to donate the monies to  develop local resources that support sustainable food production for the best agricultural practices in underdeveloped countries. Farmers are taught the skills to grow food for their families and eventually to expand farms to produce food to sell for income.

I decided to include a link in the book for people to donate to this great organization

to help stamp out world hunger.


Today, my character, Gloria Hart, introduces Gloria Hart’s The Garden for Eatin’ Recipe Collection on Ginger Simpson’s Dishin’ It Out blog. Check it out.

If you are interested in receiving this collection whether you are a gardener or not, please email me at and I will send you the e-book collection of recipes as a  gift of appreciation as a reader of this blog.

How to Autograph an E-book

How can the author of an e-book autograph the book? This question has stumped me. My e-book, Sunshine Boulevard, was released on March 1 and I have already had requests for signings. I have to explain that the book is out in cyberspace and I have no way of signing it. Until now…

According to the Bay News 9 reporter, a local FL author and inventor T.J. Waters and his friend developed Autography, a software package that will offer a place for the author’s signature in the e-book.

“Basically, what you do is pull up a copy of your book as the author, and it inserts a blank page behind the cover and you sign whatever you’re going to personalize for somebody,” Waters said.

The plus side of this is the author can be sitting anywhere in the world and can sign a book and it will be delivered to the reader as an autographed copy. The one drawback is the author needs to have an iPad to use the software.

For more on this amazing idea author, check out Local Inventors Create a Way to Sign an E-book .


Sunshine Boulevard Available Today!

Today is the day to celebrate!

Sound the trumpets! Sunshine Boulevard marches onto the world-wide stage of e-books today! Muse It Up Publishing releases this mystery/horror with humor e-book March 1, 2011, along with a great line-up of books full of interesting stories sure to intrigue and tantalize all readers.

I want to thank so many people who have helped me along this journey to reach the title of “published author.” From my grandmother, Ma, to my sister-in-law, Sandy, who encouraged me to write as far back as when I was in high school. After selling our retail floral and greenhouse business, I screwed up my courage to ask our regional newspaper editor, Rich, if he would be interested in some ideas I had for articles for the paper.  When I turned in my first one, he actually ran it in the paper with my byline. Thanks, Rich, and the staff at the Times-Indicator
Through the years editors, my writing group who meets at the library, and writers online such as Audrey Shaffer and the gang at The Writers Chatroom and Lea Schizas’ free Muse Online Writers Conference have provided valuable information and encouragement. The welcoming, warm authors and editors at Muse It Up Publishing have shepherded me through the process of editing and answered so many questions from this newbie novelist with patience and humor. I am blessed to have my daughters and husband walking this new path with me. Thank you Sara, Lee Ann, and Ted.
It is my pleasure and great honor to offer you, my readers, this entertaining, quick read for you to enjoy. Thank you!
Sunshine Boulevard is available at Muse It Up Publishing bookstore,,, and e-book retailers online.