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Happy Mother’s Day to All You Writing Moms!

Happy Mother’s Day!!

On this special Sunday we honor our mothers for the work they put into rearing us. A mother’s job is one of joy and hardship, worry and celebration, laden with love, unconditional love.

I wrote a chapbook of poems many years ago to honor mothers and daughters. Today I share a poem from that book.

No Matter My Age

No matter my age or places I’ll see
There’s still a little girl inside of me.

I remember the warmth and the love you have shown.
I know in my heart I am never alone.

‘Cause no matter my age or places I’ll see
I’ll carry you, Mother, forever with me.

           Janet L. Glaser
           copyright 1996

Holidays Can Be a Fertile Time for Writing Life Stories


The holidays are upon us and a great time to find fodder for writing your next stories.  Many will be joining family and friends in celebrations.  If you are writing your life story, this is a great opportunity to expand story ideas. Perhaps there will be a relative who will remember some of the good ole days with you and tell you about your parents, grandparents, or even your siblings’ stories.
You may be returning to your roots.  Being in your old hometown will help spark some memories for a story.
Of course you can write about your past holiday experiences, the decorations, (remember when you fell into the tree and knocked it over?) the food,(nobody can bake a pumpkin pie like Grandma),  the recipes,(a secret ingredient?), and the people who make your holidays especially nice or not….
Check out my writer’s website page on Writing Life Stories to be inspired to write your own life story. On this page there is a list of the books we use in our life story writing class in case you want to ask Santa to bring you one for Christmas!!
BTW I am presenting a workshop on Writing Your Life Story in February 2010. 
Wishing you all happy holidays!